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Although oriental rugs should be cleaned properly, take care not to brush so strongly or the thread can be damaged. Be gentle so that the fibers do not break. Twice a week with a soft brush, comb the Oriental rug to make it look better. It is impossible to clean all types of carpets. Private and professional cleaning services are needed for some. Many professional cleaning agencies are in the San Antonio area. Carpet Cleaners in San Antonio carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning companies in San Antonio can easily come to your home to clean your carpet professionally. Many of the carpet cleaners San Antonio use the same kinds of techniques. After the carpet inspection, they will determine what the best way your carpet should be cleaned is. Some carpets are washed, while other carpets require special types of machinery and equipment, some are even hand washed. Hire a carpet cleaning company in San Antonio that uses cutting edge cleaning devices. Most cleaning equipment used today are steam cleaners that blast steam and heat to effectively clean the carpet. The occurrence of serious diseases and allergies can be prevented with proper cleaning. Lastly before your washing carpet, always performed a patch test on the unseen mat section to Ensure did no damage is done on the mat. With a little care, your carpet look as good as new.

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